Welcome to the Large Rooftops of Los Angeles Database!

luskin-logoThe LABC Institute and the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation are providing this resource to act as a valuable tool for interested stakeholders and businesses to identify potential opportunity sites for rooftop solar installations.

The LABC Institute and the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation previously reported that the City of Los Angeles has over 5.5 gigawatts of rooftop solar PV potential. Taking advantage of this vast, underutilized rooftop space provides an opportunity to supply zero-carbon renewable energy for Los Angeles while creating jobs and fueling private investment in our city, including in disadvantaged areas that have previously been left out of our growing green economy. LA’s growing local solar programs including LADWP’s 100MW fixed-rate Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) and 50MW Bundled FiT, net-energy metering (NEM), and recent proposals for community solar, are beginning to realize this untapped potential.

This site is organized to help solar stakeholders understand the solar potential for more than seven thousand large rooftops within the City of Los Angeles. The database contains all rooftops capable of hosting at least a 100kW solar array. Searches can be specified by ZIP code, city council district, land use type and potential system size (developed in partnership with the UCLA Luskin Center from their previous report, the Los Angeles Solar Atlas).